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Sandalwood I Santalove Drevo

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Do you love the smell of the woods?

My favorite wood oil is SANDALWOOD! I just love the scent, it makes me relaxed and happy and grounded. It is extracted from the wood of the Santalum album. Most Sandalwood essential oils are harvested either from India or Australia.

Did you know it actually takes 10 years for sandalwood trees to start to develop that amazing aroma.

Sandalwood benefits

Popularly used in Ayurveda here are 3 benefits of Sandalwood oil.


  1. Mental clarity –This is the reason it’s used for meditation and prayer. So if you have a big test or exam coming up don’t forget this oil.

  2. Natural aphrodisiac –Increases desire and Libido. Massage anyone ;)

  3. Expectorant – A great natural treatment for coughs and colds.

3 ways to use sandalwood oil

  1. Massage- Dilute into some Jojoba or Sweet Almond oil put some music on and give your other half a massage.

  2. Compress - Add a few drops to a bowl of hot/warm water. Place a small towel into