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DIY Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Don’t you just love a nice clean smelling yoga mat to start your practice? I do! It just gives a beautiful feeling of peace, calm and relaxation before you have even started your yoga practice. As they say, the first step is just to step onto your mat.

So I simply had to put together for you a simple DIY Yoga mat spray recipe using non-other than those amazing natural essential oil.

Why you need to clean your yoga mat

After each practice, cleaning your yoga mat can help remove dirt, germs, and unwanted smells caused by bacteria and sweat that can build up in the mat.

Although you will see they always have spray cleaners in yoga studios around to clean your mat after your class, but cleaning your mat is also important if you practice at home.

Of course, you can buy yoga mat cleaners, but it’s also easy, economical and ecological to mix up your own.

Why should you make your yoga mat spray?

Well, it’s always a great feeling when you make something yourself, but also it’s reassuring to know that you can decide all the ingredients you put inside. Not to even mention that it’s less waste in packaging as you can re-use your bottle and from all the ingredients you buy once you will make many many yoga mat sprays.

Hey, you could even make them up as yoga gifts for your friends birthdays and Christmas pressies. Win-Win.

Can I use essential oils to clean my yoga mat?

Now I have read some stuff online about essential oils damaging yoga mats but I believe that this is because you need to get ingredients and the dilution ratios correct.