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Meditation and Essential Oils

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

What is Meditation?

According to the NY times meditation is a way to train the mind and according to Buddhism the purpose of meditation is to stop the mind from rushing about in an aimless stream of thoughts.

There is no doubt that meditation has a never-ending number of benefits Less stress, Less anxiety, More feelings of well-being, Deeper relaxation, etc…

How to meditate? & Do I meditate?

Now, this is a good question! When I lived in London I meditated every day after work for 1 hour sometimes 2, I just needed it and was maybe a bit addicted. I sat on a nice cushion quietly and by myself. My housemates asked, “what are you doing?” I said “nothing “ and they laughed. It was funny at the time except now with a family it’s quite different, I don’t have the luxury to sit for an hour let alone 2 and definitely not alone.

Today I had a feeling of pressure in my head and I said I need to stop thinking so I put some oils in my diffuser sat on my bed then got in the bed and closed my eyes hid under the covers for 15 mins I think no-one saw me... I didn’t sleep and I didn’t think, I just did nothing. After I felt much better and clearer and less pressure.

So do I meditate? YES but just maybe not in a traditional way

How to meditate? I think in any way that is best or possible for you, whether it’s mindfulness or concentrated meditation or using mala beads. As long as you feel good after I think anything goes.

Which oils you can use for Meditation?

Depending on what you want to achieve here is a few below to get you started.

Lavender - for calming

Peppermint - for mental focus

Vetiver – to help the wandering mind

Sage – to cleanse the body and mind

How can you use them?


Put a few drops of your chosen oil into a diffuser or make up a room spray. In an empty spray bottle fill with distilled water and dilute a few drops of your chosen oil.



A few drops can be diluted in a Carrier Oil and the blend can be rubbed on the pulse points, such as the wrist and inner elbow or you can rub it into your palms for inhalation.

How do you meditate? Let me know in the comments below.:)

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