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How To Dilute Essential Oils?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Educating yourself about how to dilute essential oils and which ratios to use is an important first step of learning how to use aromatherapy in your everyday life. So I will try to make it as simple as possible for you.

Why is it important to dilute your essential oils?

Well pure essential oils are potent substances and most oils if used undiluted can cause a bad unwanted reaction, such as burning and stinging. Also if you use too much of certain oils they can cause adverse effects internally, so it’s also important to learn which ratios of essential oil to use.

Which Carrier oil is best for diluting essential oils?

The best type of carrier oil to use depends a lot on what kind of product you want to make, which part of the body you intend to use it and what skin type you have. Here are 6 types of carrier oils I use for my aromatherapy practices.Click the links to take you to more detailed information on my post about “6 Carrier oils to use to dilute essential oils”

  • Grape-seed oil -great for skin care products

  • Almond oil -Good for sensitive skin

  • Sunflower oil - a hydrating versatile type of oil full of antioxidants

  • Avocado oil - a healing oil also perfect for dry skin.

  • Jojoba oil - a hypoallergenic oil

  • Coconut oil - an anti-inflammatory oil

How to dilute essential oils?

So now how should you dilute your essential oils? Since we are all different with different skin sensitivities it’s important to remember that starting with less is always better. It’s easier to increase essential oil concentrations than to decrease it.