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Self Love Every day

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

So I’m not a huge Valentine's day fan, I always feel it’s too commercialized and pressured but when I imagine it can be Valentine's every day I feel much calmer. How can it be Valentine's every day? Well by practising self-love and care, maybe not necessarily every day but regularly is enough I think.

Honestly, it just feels so good and I believe it breeds confidence, success, and joy simply within you. One thing I always do every year is put money aside to buy myself a nice birthday gift, last year my husband said “wow you really must love yourself” and I said “YES” proudly and laughed.

Since the lockdown and whole Covid situation I’ve found it really hard, I miss going to the sauna, gym, yoga, going for a massage, etc. And these were my self-love activities.

But I’m slowly learning how to substitute these things with small self-care rituals at home, even my husband is getting into it! I found him the other day having an aromatherapy bath with the diffuser going, he literally turned our bathroom into a spa room.

So here are a few ideas to help you if get started on your self-love journey

Self-Love Ritual Ideas

  • SELF MASSAGE –It can be just your feet, your face, or your neck for 5 mins.

  • AROMATHERAPY /FOOT BATH- soothes your muscles, hydrates your skin ( oil blends below)

  • READ SOMETHING - Your favourite book/magazine/blog anything you love.

  • JOURNAL- It’s enough for just 15-20 mins, just get it all out

  • BUY YOURSELF A GIFT- Anything you like, candles, oils.. chocolates:)

  • MEDITATE- Less stress, Less anxiety & More feelings of well-being

  • SLEEP- No explanation needed.

Aromatherapy foot bath blend

5 drops of Lav