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Self Love Every day

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

So I’m not a huge Valentine's day fan, I always feel it’s too commercialized and pressured but when I imagine it can be Valentine's every day I feel much calmer. How can it be Valentine's every day? Well by practising self-love and care, maybe not necessarily every day but regularly is enough I think.

Honestly, it just feels so good and I believe it breeds confidence, success, and joy simply within you. One thing I always do every year is put money aside to buy myself a nice birthday gift, last year my husband said “wow you really must love yourself” and I said “YES” proudly and laughed.

Since the lockdown and whole Covid situation I’ve found it really hard, I miss going to the sauna, gym, yoga, going for a massage, etc. And these were my self-love activities.

But I’m slowly learning how to substitute these things with small self-care rituals at home, even my husband is getting into it! I found him the other day having an aromatherapy bath with the diffuser going, he literally turned our bathroom into a spa room.

So here are a few ideas to help you if get started on your self-love journey

Self-Love Ritual Ideas

  • SELF MASSAGE –It can be just your feet, your face, or your neck for 5 mins.

  • AROMATHERAPY /FOOT BATH- soothes your muscles, hydrates your skin ( oil blends below)

  • READ SOMETHING - Your favourite book/magazine/blog anything you love.

  • JOURNAL- It’s enough for just 15-20 mins, just get it all out

  • BUY YOURSELF A GIFT- Anything you like, candles, oils.. chocolates:)

  • MEDITATE- Less stress, Less anxiety & More feelings of well-being

  • SLEEP- No explanation needed.

Aromatherapy foot bath blend

5 drops of Lavender oil, as you may know, is a favourite for relaxation. It’s also a natural pain reliever—optimal for sore muscles and joints.

5 drops of Orange- for a mood lift and stress relief.

3 drops Sandalwoodto open your heart and awaken your sensuality.

Dilute the oils into ½ cup milk or Epsom salts to better incorporate the essential oil into the water and preventing skin irritations from direct skin contact with oils. After soaking your feet for 10 to 15 minutes Finish with a self-massage using lotion, locking in moisture.

When we become our own steady source of love it gives us the energy to be our best.
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