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What is Mindful Menstruation?

Nowadays, it has become popular to discuss periods openly making women become more and more aware of their cycles, it also has led to the creation of an entire industry around menstrual products. Mindful menstruation is a practice that helps women to be more aware of the phases of their menstrual cycle and understand how they feel emotionally and physically. Once you understand your body and mind during these phases you can take care of yourself and your body as it needs. Simple being more mindful of yourself.

The practise includes:

- Learning about the menstrual cycle

- Understanding the different phases of the cycle

- Practicing self-care during menstruation

- Learning how to deal with PMS symptoms

The menstrual cycle is a natural process that every woman goes through.

What are the Benefits of Mindful Menstruation?

The menstrual cycle has many benefits, but it can also be uncomfortable and painful. The benefits of mindful menstruation are that women feel more in control of their bodies and their cycles. It can help them to feel less stressed about their periods, which can lead to better mental health overall.

When we understand our menstrual cycle, we can tell when we are going to start bleeding and when our period will end, which days we will feel less energetic or have more pain and be prepared and plan accordingly our rest and self-care days.

It is a way to connect with your body and understand what it needs.

How to Practice Mindful Menstruation?

The use of menstruation is dated back to ancient Egypt when menstruation was an important part of a woman’s life. The practice was used for natural family planning, fertility and other aspects of their culture. The idea behind mindful menstruation is about bringing attention to the body and self-awareness of your cycle stages.

1. Use period tracking apps

Usually, people start using these when they decide to get pregnant but tracking apps can be a useful tool from when you start menstruating right up to the end of menopause. Here are a few free ones to consider. Clue, Flo, Ovia Fertility, and Eve by Glow

2. Tune into your body.

It's so simple really but just listen to your body and what it needs. This might be getting more sleep, relaxing and watching a film, or some easy yoga movements to boost your mood. We all have different ways of coping and comforting ourselves so find what works for you.

3. Use essential oils as alternative natural pain relief.

I switched from the standard pain relief pills to natural remedies a few years back and it has been the best switch for my body and hormone balance. Here you can check the Menstrual Cramps roller blend. If you have DoTerra oils then Deep Blue Blend is a perfect alternative.

4. Plan your schedule according to your menstrual cycle

Planning around your menstrual cycle can be essential to taking care of your health mentally and physically and avoiding burnout. For example, maybe it's better to plan meetings and social events during your ovulation phase as energy levels spike during this phase or be conscious not to plan workouts during the first days of bleeding when your energy might be lower.

Why You Should Practice Mindful Menstruation

So why should you practice mindful menstruation? In a way when we learn what is happening in our bodies and understand it we are able to live in sync with our natural energy intuitively not against it. When we live against our natural energy levels everything seems difficult and can consume us and lead to us being overwhelmed and burnt out.

Just like with anything else, if we want to do something well, we have to practice. We spend the time practising and then eventually it becomes a habit.

It is not just being mindful of the fact that you are bleeding and cramping every month for a while. It is about being aware of what your body is telling you and giving yourself permission to take care of yourself accordingly.


Overall, we can afford to be kind to ourselves during our periods. Periods are powerful. If we gain a deeper understanding of our bodily changes, we can make better decisions to live and flow with our natural energy according to our menstrual cycles.

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