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Coconut, Lime and Mint Ladoo

Ladoos are a popular Indian sweet treat that is incredibly simple but everyone’s favourite. They are so easy to whip up and incredibly moreish. The original story of Ladoo’s is very interesting.

It is said that Sushruta, an ancient Indian physician used the sweet to give Ayurvedic medicines to his patients. He used these sweet balls to help him control the dose. It was also easier for the patients to consume.

For these ladoos, I have adapted the recipe from Jasmine Hemsley’s cookbook East by West. I really love this cookbook as she adapts the recipes according to your Ayurvedic type and also they are often friendly to all diet types.

For me, it’s important that they are low in the Glycemic Index so I really like they are made with almond flour. In the original recipe, she uses maple syrup which was a bit sweet for me so I substituted it with Agave syrup, but you could also use honey.

It also uses peppermint extract which I have substituted for my trusty Peppermint essential oil from DoTerra. If you don’t have that oil you can just use the peppermint extract.



  1. In a food processor put the almond flour, 60g (¾ cup) of the desiccated coconut, the agave syrup, lime zest, vanilla extract, peppermint oil/extract, coconut oil and sea salt. Blend it all up until evenly mixed but still chunky.

  2. Taste the mixture and add a drop more of the peppermint oil/extract if needed or adjust the sweetness accordingly by adding more agave syrup, then blend again.