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Lemongrass the superpower oil

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

In this post I'm spotlighting lemongrass oil. It’s absolutely my second favorite oil, it’s so versatile and there are literally one hundred ways to use it. I call it the superpower oil. It has so many benefits from being used internally to repelling insects, it’s incredible. Due to its multiple benefits, it’s also a popularly used oil in Ayurveda. If you don’t have it in your oil current oil collection make it your next purchase especially with summer coming up, it’s literally an essential oil to have.

Where is Lemongrass oil produced?

Lemongrass is native to the tropical countries of India, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia

Lemongrass oil benefits

Here are 5 amazing benefits of Lemongrass.

  1. Healthy digestion- There’s a reason why it’s so popular in Asian cuisine in soups, teas, and curries, Lemongrass promotes healthy digestion and a tonic for the overall body.

  2. Skincare -It’s great for purifying and toning the skin and used a lot in skincare.

  3. Antiseptic and Astringent - Lemongrass is used as a natural remedy to heal wounds and help prevent infection.

  4. Pain and muscle cramp reliever - The Citral present in the lemongrass essential oil helps to reduce pain and cramps caused by any inflammation.

  5. Lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels – In ancient times, the Lemongrass herb was used to curb heart diseases. Since it is well known for improving digestion I think this goes hand in hand in helping to improve your cholesterol and blood sugar level.

5 ways to use Lemongrass oil.

1. Cooking and digestion - If you are interested in using this oil for cooking or internal ingestion, I must note that not all Lemongrass oils are suitable for internal use. The only brand I know that sells and tests its oils is DoTerra. You only need to add one drop to your recipe. You can add one drop to 1 liter of water in your water bottle and just drink throughout the day.

2. Insect repellent- Add a few drops to your laundry cycle when you wash your bath and toilet mats to keep away spiders and silver bugs. You can also create an insect repellent with a few drops and water in a simple spray bottle. You can check out our DIY INSECT REPELLENT HERE.

3. Pain relieving massage blend –Create your own massage oil blend by diluting a few drops to a carrier oil like Jojoba or sweet almond to relieve pain and muscle cramps.