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Which oil brand is best?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

This is a question I get asked quite often and the honest answer is I don’t know because it is dependent on many factors, price, location, availability, quality. Etc.

How often have you heard the more expensive the better quality the oil! But what if you can't afford that brand or it’s not available in your area? Does that mean you shouldn’t use oils? Absolutely not!

I reviewed 5 brands available on the market in Czech Republic. DoTerra, Booming Bob, Nobilis Tila, Saloos and Prima Vera. I looked at their quality and production, website information and price and also my own personal opinion and experience about how I use them.


For most of my aromatherapy practice I use DoTerra essential oils. Simply because they are high quality and are tested to be used in all ways. Aromatically, topically and internally. Also they have a great member benefits for avid essential oil uses like myself who regularly order essential oils.

Booming Bob

This is a Swedish brand, they focus themselves on being organically certified and are committed to producing sustainable and ecological products. If you want more information directly from them you can check out their website or you can also check out this interview I did with Anita from Booming Bob.